Top baby girls’ names of 2021

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The time has come to reveal the most popular names of the year! We’ve analysed the data and crunched the numbers and we’ve got the top 100 baby girls’ names of 2021 as picked by BabyCenter Australia parents. Check out our full rundown of the top baby names this year.

Australia’s most popular baby girl names in 2021

There was a change at the top this year as Olivia continued its rise to reach pole position. Last year’s most popular name Isla slipped down to second place. Mia leaped up four places to take third position and Charlotte and Sophia held on to the fourth and fifth positions respectively. Amelia continued its fall from grace after being the top name in 2019 and fell down three places to number six. Could the name be out of the top 10 by next year? And from the lows to the highs of the top 10 Ivy stormed in, climbing 11 places to number nine this year while Ella jumped up three places to number 10.

The 2021 list’s highest climber was Daisy which skyrocketed a whopping 48 places to number 27. The flower name from Old English meaning "the day's eye" will have its eye on the top spot if it continues to climb like this. And it wasn’t just Daisy that made huge strides in popularity. Jasmine catapulted 40 places to number 42 and both Summer and Addison zoomed up 34 places to numbers 66 and 53 respectively. The surges of popularity didn’t stop there as Freya, Mackenzie, Stella and Delilah all soared up 20 places or more.

Ranking the highest out of the new entries this year was Eden at number 62 – will this name meaning paradise continue to bask in the top 100 for another year? We’ll be watching this one. The other newbies of 2021 included Eliza, Elena, Harlow, Elizabeth, Eliana, Indiana and Skylar. And there were six new names that sneaked in to the list this year between 90 and 100 – Holly, Heidi, Paige, Elle, Gracie and Kiara.

Girls' names falling in popularity in Australia

The top 100 was home to some catastrophic falls in popularity in 2021. Two names fell a mammoth 38 places, sending Elsie tumbling to number 69 and Eva down to number 84. Imogen, Aaliyah, Hallie and Lara all sunk more than 20 places too with Lara only just holding on to the top 100 at 99. Also slumping this year were Chloe, Zara, Abigail, Luna and Molly.

Top 100 girls' names

  1. Olivia+1
  2. Isla-1
  3. Mia+4
  4. Charlotte+0
  5. Sophia+0
  6. Amelia-3
  7. Lily+2
  8. Evie+2
  9. Ivy+11
  10. Ella+3
  11. Ava-5
  12. Grace+9
  13. Zoe-5
  14. Matilda+0
  15. Harper+1
  16. Sienna+7
  17. Hazel+17
  18. Isabella-3
  19. Willow-8
  20. Sophie+2
  21. Aria-3
  22. Chloe-10
  23. Mila+2
  24. Ruby-5
  25. Lucy+13
  26. Scarlett+1
  27. Daisy+48
  28. Emily-2
  29. Isabelle+1
  30. Evelyn-6
  31. Hannah+1
  32. Maya+8
  33. Violet+9
  34. Layla-6
  35. Zara-18
  36. Georgia-7
  37. Frankie-2
  38. Freya+22
  39. Ayla+12
  40. Ellie+4
  41. Audrey-4
  42. Jasmine+40
  43. Mackenzie+23
  44. Poppy-5
  45. Aurora+9
  46. Riley+9
  47. Emma+3
  48. Alice+5
  49. Emilia-6
  50. Remi
  1. Madison+8
  2. Bonnie+11
  3. Addison+34
  4. Millie-2
  5. Eleanor+2
  6. Hayley+15
  7. Billie+1
  8. Abigail-13
  9. Stella+22
  10. Sadie+1
  11. Florence-5
  12. Edennew!
  13. Phoebe+13
  14. Luna-16
  15. Aubrey+14
  16. Summer+34
  17. Delilah+23
  18. Bella+24
  19. Elsie-38
  20. Harriet-5
  21. Elizanew!
  22. Elenanew!
  23. Piper-1
  24. Penelope-6
  25. Peyton+3
  26. Aaliyah-27
  27. Harlownew!
  28. Eloise+17
  29. Lola+1
  30. Elizabethnew!
  31. Quinn+3
  32. Maeve+11
  33. Savannah+0
  34. Eva-38
  35. Eliananew!
  36. Imogen-22
  37. Molly-13
  38. Indiananew!
  39. Skylarnew!
  40. Thea-4
  41. Hollynew!
  42. Olive-7
  43. Heidinew!
  44. Hallie-27
  45. Paigenew!
  46. Ellenew!
  47. Gracienew!
  48. Maggie-7
  49. Lara-22
  50. Kiaranew!

To capture true popularity, our exclusive baby name data combines names where the pronunciation is the same, but the spelling is different. Using the BabyCenter 'call it out at the playground' rule, we help you know exactly how popular each name is, even if parents choose to go with a creative spelling. For example, Amelia and Amellia, or Sofia and Sophia.

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